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Hardcore Gamer


Water Cooled

The ultimate gaming experience, for those that won't settle for anything less than the best. Powered by our custom watercooling systems, we reach blistering speeds so your applications load instantly, your games run silky smooth and your system is rock solid.

After a long day's work, you enjoy your time with the fastest gaming machine known to man.

Ultimate Series

best gaming desktop

Pro Gamer


Air Cooled

The fastest air cooled machines will give you the edge over your competition. Designed for power and stability, you'll be flying circles while others are still loading. Featuring the highest quality aftermarket air cooling, professional build quality and unsurpassed attention to detail.

This is the machine that will make your friends say: "Wow, I want one".

Pro Series

best gaming desktop



New series

Gaming computers are generally big and use a lot of space in your room. Professional gamers use gaming computers because they are faster than Laptop, Mini-PCs are perfect to save space and give you the best machine with no compromise.

This is the future of gaming computers, they are way smaller and you will get the same performance!

Freedom Gaming

best gaming desktop



Gaming Gear

Mice that hug your fingers, keyboards that your fingers can dance on, monitors that are easy on the eyes, it's all here. Only the best gaming gear is featured for gamers that won't accept anything less. Precision, comfort and performance, it's all here.

We currently have specials on our accessories, so get them while they are still in stock!

Pro Gaming

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