Awesome Video From Our Sponsoree

As you might know, we are sponsoring the amazing MS.Spyte, a competitive starcraft II player from Canada. Out of the blue, she created a video featuring the Destroyer gaming machine that she is using to compete.

Here it is!


Windows 8 has arrived!

Our shipment of the newest version of Windows has just arrived.?It’s now possible to pre-order it. You can place your order before October 26th, which is the release date from Microsoft, but it will only ship after the 26th. It won’t delay your order if you choose to go with Windows 8.

Bullet Gaming Computer Refresh

Yes! It’s faster, better and sexier than ever: our Bullet gaming computer now packs more punch than ever before.

Here’s what’s new:

– We just updated the processor to the Intel i5 3570k Quad Core and have set the overclocked to 3.8 GHz.
– It features the brand new Asus P8Z77-V LE PLUS motherboard which supports higher speeds and additional features.
– We upgraded the videocard to an Nvidia GTX 660 TI 2 GB which is the best performing card in it’s price range.
– The price is updated as well, at a low $1229.54 it is even less than our previous revision of the Bullet.

Check out the Bullet gaming system now!

Montreal Earthquake Oct 10th 2012

Well GamingPC headquarters in Montreal was just hit with a small earthquake! Wow it’s rare that we get those over here but we’re happy to report that none of the hardware was damaged and that all operations will continue tomorrow.

For any questions regarding your order, please call us!

Free Shipping For All Computers?

Just a friendly reminder that ALL Gaming PC computers come with free Canada-wide shipping. So pick it… configure it and that’s it!

If the computer is “In Stock”, then that means that we have all the components available to build the computer to your specifications. Usually building the computer takes 1-3 days, testing 2-3 days and then is an additional shipping 2-3 days (business days for all).

If you have any questions, or need a rush delivery (We make the impossible possible… especially around Christmas time!), feel free to contact us on the live chat or email us.

Helion Gaming PC

You know, we talk a lot about our water cooled machines here at Gaming PC… but we also make some kick ass air cooled machines. Far from your usual air cooled machine, we equip the Helion with a massive Thermalright heat sink that allows us to overclock and reach blistering speeds.

Clean, powerful and tweaked to perfection, the Helion is a computer that makes us proud. The beautiful Asus Sabertooth motherboard provides the stealthy black appearance and the light blue fans give off a beautiful glow that screams quality. You’ll be proud to show this one off to your friends!

Nvidia Quad Sli

If there’s one thing we love… it’s the smell of Quad SLI in the morning.

Do we really need to say more? How awesome is it to have this sitting in a machine?

You can only add Quad SLI to 2 Hardcore Gaming PC: specifically the Destroyer or The Beast.

GamingPC Sponsors Canadian Gamer MS.Spyte

Competing at the top of the ranks in Starcraft II, MS.Spyte is passionate, dedicated and a perfect fit for bảng xếp hạng We are happy to support her as our first Canadian gamer and hope to have many more joining her.

Known as the second best female gamer in Canada (Scarlett has the title for first at the moment…), we see immense potential and hope to see her dethrone some of the fan favourites in the next upcoming tournaments. We always enjoy watching her stream where she displays high level Starcraft II games and a multitude of other games with commentary.

A fan favourite for sure, you won’t want to miss a second of her show.

Go check her out!

bảng xếp hạng

bảng xếp hạng Tour of The Destroyer Gaming PC

We took a break from our regular daily grind (of making the most awesome computers in the world…) and shot a video of the Destroyer GamingPC. It’s our favourite machine and features a highly overclocked I7 2700k at 4.8Ghz, 32 gigs of DDR 3 ram and an Nvidia GTX 680 4GB.

It’s watercooled, tuned to perfection and we take our time to make sure that everything, from the power supply, to the motherboard, is up to bảng xếp hạng’s standards.

If we could only take one item on a desert island… it would be a cell phone to get the hell out of there! If we could take two… then it would be a Destroyer and a cell phone with tethering so we could have wireless gaming sessions while we wait to be rescued!